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We are the industry's leading independent manager of river passenger ships, providing an extensive array of rewarding career opportunities. Your journey with us opens doors to countless possibilities for personal and professional growth.

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My experience in the nautical field is still small, but I was willing to learn and work hard to prove that I want to become a captain one day. I chose River Advice because I heard only good things about it and the fact that the captains are looking forward to the young generation to teach them the art of sailing.

I was born in a town on the banks of the Danube, so I watched the ships already when I was a young boy. I was always facinated and went to the nautical high school later. I dreamed of becoming a captain who could sail all waterways from the Black Sea to the North Sea. Almost 20 years ago my dream came true and I have never stopped learning. That’s what I like about this job: no two days are the same. When I joined this River Advice in 2016, I met a lot of old friends, a friendly environment and like to share my knowledge.

Unexpectedly, I embraced hospitality through River Advice in 2014, shaping my lifelong passion. This journey evolved me from Receptionist to Senior Receptionist, HR Officer, and now, Hotel Manager. Continuous learning fuels my growth. Amid this path, love for my role and people blossomed. Whether Crew or Guests, love and care define our core in River Advice. This essence sets us apart, making each day truly fulfilling.

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