Engineer (f/m/d)

Required Language

English and/or German


River Cruise Ship


Unlimited Contract




River Advice AG 

Company Overview

River Advice AG (“River Advice”) is the leading independent manager of river passenger ships worldwide. We offer hundreds of career opportunities for those who seek to be a part of a professional company. At River Advice we place a high value on service and professionalism, ensuring that our clients and passengers feel like they are always receiving the best treatment. 

Duties / Responsibility

  • Maintenance and monitoring of all machines – facilities and equipment
  • Reports all noted problems or damages immediately to the Captain on duty and repair Departement
  • Does routine work (oil changes, any kind of maintenance) independently
  • Monitors and checks waste water tanks
  • Responsible for technical material such as tools, expendable items (air filters, light bulbs)
  • Responsible for a clean and safe engine room (safety hazards)
  • Responsible for placing orders of expendable items in cooperation with the Captain
  • Monitoring the supply and quality of the drinking water (sample and test the water)
  • In cooperation with the 2nd Captain enter the test results correctly into the drinking water log book.
  • During bunkering (gasoil, lubricating oil) a responsible person must be stationed

Engine room log

  • Daily entries of the levels of gasoil, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil
  • Daily entries in the engine maintenance book (temperatures, pressures and operating hours)
  • Note levels at the beginning and at the end of every cruise
  • This initial and end inventory must always be given to the Captain in writing
  • Keep a log about repairs that involved exchange of parts and hand it over to the Captain
  • Replacement of parts: indicate type and order number
  • Check the repair journal at reception every morning, midday and evening and fix the noted defects
  • Put up and secure gangway
  • Make sure that sufficient lighting is provided at night or in poor visibility
  • Always be friendly and courteous towards everybody, especially guests and crew

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