Recruiters: Guardian Angels or Devil's Advocates?!

July 5, 2024 | | Author: Lea Gehrig

Selling is not a skill every single person possesses, even when the “product” is “yourself”. Any career search starts with a fork in the road: whether to look for a job on your own or to procure support from a professional recruitment agency. Either way, once employers notice you – you will be the one to face the in-house Recruiters.

In cruising industry Recruiters are the ones who need to keep the ‘ball rolling’. They are the ones who must ensure whether the season is launched with full manning or significant Crew shortages; the ones who must assure quality of candidates hired; the ones who must inform newly hired recruits about beauty and complexity of onboarding; the ones who must test new hires’ knowledge, work-related abilities and language skills; the ones who must keep people interested in joining at a later stage; the ones who must ensure fleet manning in critical summer periods and period of mid-season crisis when excessive resignations might occur. They must do all of this and so much more – it is not a job for fainthearted. It requires persistence, in-depth understanding of people, direct onboard experience and tons of patience.

Recruiters truly are fleet’s Guarding Angels as they hold the power to find rapid solutions when shortages on board occur. Yet at point that becomes a mission impossible. When the “pool is dry” meaning, there are no available candidates left, Recruiters must do whatever it takes to support the team in need. And that might imply giving chances to candidates who might not have the full skillset required, – that might imply a “deal with the Devil”.

Recruiters can never know what a less experienced candidate will grow into. Some grow very fast and very successfully as their desire to succeed overcomes any obstacles. Some simply cannot develop fast enough and become a burden for the entire team.

No Recruiter wishes for any candidate to fail. If you think logically – is it in anyone’s benefit if a candidate does not meet employer’s expectations? An unsuccessful candidate means a loss for the company both financially and reputationally.

Recruiters do give chances. In moments of desperate need, when the fleet or a ship is “burning” with lack of people due to jump-resignations, medical cases or any other unforeseen circumstances, Recruiters must take risks. Sometimes risks taken results into triumphs. And sometimes they result into failures. However, until the discovery of an all-seeing crystal ball, that is the way the river flows.

At the end, the responsibility is equally shared between the Recruiter and the Candidate. On the verge of a new job, we need to make sure we know what the job will ask of us. Recruiters are human too – they can overlook things, give chances to candidates who should never be hired, yet they always have the best intentions at heart. Their job is to provide a person a chance, – then it is up to that person to use the chance given.

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