Working in Paradise

June 17, 2024 | | Author: Lea Gehrig

What do I remember the most from my 3 years of working in head office Limassol? I remember the sea, – deep indigo blue. I remember perfectly sunny weather that rules over Cyprus 345 days a year. I remember great food and even greater people all around. And above all, I remember hospitality – both in the streets wherever you go and at the office that I was part of, where I left a bigger part of my heart.

Working in Limassol was not glamorous. It is not a place of ever-lasting siesta. It’s a buzzing busy environment with its moments of peace, yet far more constant moments of emergencies and crisis that occur all over the fleet of 100+ vessels all across Europe. The office is divided into departments which include: Recruiters, HR Officers, Travel Officers, Payroll Officers, Office Administrators and, of course, the Management. Everyone does their part, and every single person understands the level of responsibility the office holds in supporting the entire fleet and every single person within it.

There are good days and other days. Mistakes are made and corrected. There are moments when you literally cannot stand up from your chair for 10 hours straight as the workload is too heavy and the importance of tasks at hand simply cannot wait. There are moments of heated arguments and discussions. And yet it is a very happy place to work in. Every single person is a professional. Every single person pulls their weight in providing the best service they possibly can. Everyone cherishes incredible human effort both at the office and there, onboard.

The Crew-related Management is extraordinary. I consider myself lucky to know them personally and to have seen them grow into positions they behold now, – they are very compassionate and extremely dedicated; admirably thorough and devoted to any task given; an inherited family to us all, always caring, undisputedly just, extensively patient and deeply wise. The greatest measurable “fruit” of their day-to-day work is the one any person can appreciate, – in my 10 years with River Advice we have never been late with a salary. Not once, not ever. The golden rule of our HR office is straight forward: “people must always get paid on time for the job they have done”. I know no other company that has such a perfect record.

What every person needs to understand. Some without any on board experience at all, team HR always acts as the silent guardian for every crew member. To them no one is “just a number”. They might not know all names, but they know each crew member’s value. Their role goes far beyond paperwork – they offer a listening ear and a source of support. Yet what HR does not know about, they cannot help with. Any struggles you might ever face that cannot be resolved peacefully on board, our HR really wishes to know about, and you can be sure help will come.

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